Violet Evergarden: Episode 05

She was once a destroyer of lives. Now she’s a uniter of nations.

Seems that Sean is a pretentious audio snob, Lee’s pretty snobby about coffee, and they both have no qualms about that.

They’re both huge fans of the Summer Olympics. The Winter Olympics, though? What even are the Winter Olympics?

Sean’s beyond thrilled that he’s going to have the opportunity to see a movie in a movie theater. What a novel concept! Lee’s beaten him to the punch on that one.

Sean’s not an intro skipper on these Violet Evergarden episodes and Lee is. He’ll probably not go out looking for a new co-host, but it’s going to take a whole lot of intro watching to make up for this transgression.

Violet’s uniting nations and basically saving lives at this point. We all get to witness the courtship and marriage of a pair of admittedly problematic people. There’s no doubt that someone so old should not be marrying someone so young, but that’s what the show’s giving us all. There’s also no doubt Violet’s going to understand what love truly means before we know it. She’s just so clever!

(Recorded on May 25, 2021)

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(Ah ha! According to this article, an exercise for Norwegian people developed into this sport. Sean called it! Of course this is a Norwegian thing!)