Moonbeam City, Episode 02: Lights! Camera! Reenaction!

Mamma mia, that’s some spicy justice!

Lee and Sean are silly yanks who insist on calling football “soccer.” Don’t blame us. Blame our upbringing (and England, apparently)! If there are two better people than them to comment on sports, then the world hasn’t found them yet.

Lee spent her week watching dinosaurs eat people. Sean spent his week watching a high schooler switch bodies with a serial killer and then go on a murdering spree. They both spent their time wisely and have no regrets about anything in life.

Sean also watched Total Recall and he’s not entirely sure that all of it worked for him. Lee understands and also wishes there was more to this particular Philip K. Dick adaptation. What are you gonna do? Make a modern version or something? Maybe cast Colin Farrell in it? That’s crazy talk!

We watched a whole lot of movies this last week. A whole lot of them. Is this a movie podcast instead of a podcast of the wide world of streaming? It’s both!

In what was streamed this week, Dazzle Novak has had it with all these backseat film producers and insists on making his own! After stopping a daring, drug-related crime in a Moonbeam City back alley (is the entire city made up of back alleys?), he’s allowed to direct a dramatic reenactment of his bust for the hit show, CrimeZappers. Ever the insane person, the production goes over budget and kills a lot of people. But hey, at least it’s got tons of graphic nudity. Oh yeah…

(Recorded on September 02, 2021)

Links to Things We Talked About:

(Sean got the release year on this one wrong yet again. When will he ever learn that Jurassic Park came out in 1993 and not 1994?)